1. Why is the packaging different with before even if it’s the same product?

Manufacturers tend to upgrade their packaging periodically to amend information on it or to prevent counterfeits in the market. This doesn’t affect the usage of product itself nor the quality of the lenses.


2. Why is my NEO packing opened when received?

NEO manufacturer packs two lenses of same diopter in one box. For the convenience of customers with two different diopters, we will open the original box and repack two lenses with different diopters accordingly in one new box. So customers with different diopters wouldn’t have to purchase two pairs of lenses.

And from time to time, we will open the outside box to check the quality of the lenses before shipping. We want to make sure there’s no significant color difference of two lenses because NEO products are reported to have this defect before. The lenses are safe to use as long as the sealed inner package isn’t opened. So far only NEO products that are packed in paper boxes apply to this rematching policy.


3. Why do I feel there’s difference in clarity between two different brands of contact lenses even it’s the same diopter?

It’s jut like shoes! The standard of the diopters vary slightly from brand to brand. It’s actually an industry-wide issue. But the difference is so minimal that only 1% of our customers have encountered this problem. Remember, Stick to the brand that gives you best comfort and clarity.

4.  Which brand or product suits me best?

Eyes are very different. There’s no one so-called best brand or product that fits everybody. But there’re some simple rules to bear in mind when you pick up contact lenses:

  • 1. The smaller the diameter, the more room left to your eyes to breathe (unless you have big eyes).
  • 2. The lower the water content, the less drier you will feel with long wearing time (8 hours is the recommended longest wearing time).

As to the color of the lenses, you are safe to explore any product in our website and that’s the fun of it. You can mix and match with your look, your hair color, your occasions, etc. If you have trouble making up your mind, we are always here to help. Our customer service team would love to give you recommendations based on your preferences.

5.  What should I do if saline solution freezes?

First of all, common hydrogel contact lenses (38% of hydration) won’t freeze in your eyes. Snow and frost won’t hurt them and you don’t have to worry that they will change their qualities due to the cold. The temperature of the cornea and tears is about 35°C which means the lens is warm enough even when it’s –10°C outside.

If contact lens is frozen in saline solution, put them in room temperature to defrost. The frozen solution protects the lens from damage and contacts thus show no signs of change in quality after defrosting. Please DON’T heat or toast the frozen solution to speed up the defrosting process. 
Without a solution, lenses can’t freeze but they will probably dry out first. We would definitely recommend you avoid such experiments and keep solutions at room temperature as per the information leaflets or packaging. Extreme cold can alter or impair the solution and thus lower its effects which could lead to insufficient cleaning of your contacts.

So if you travel with lenses and a solution but don’t expose them to long cold journeys every day, you don’t have to worry. You should also keep lens storage in mind. Lenses in a solution shouldn’t be exposed to extreme temperatures. Pay attention when traveling or while in the mountains.